This illustration was produced for the illustration magazine La Peste-Vol.21 (
I was presented with the poem 'Marlboro' by the Mexican poet, Christian Peña and asked to interpret it in the form of an illustration. Here is the outcome. I eventually also re-worked the illustration for an exhibition and titled the second veersion 'Beast trainer'.
Marlboro by Christian Peña
“Lung cancer is lethal”, the pack of cigarettes says.
Cancer sells:
My father smokes like a chimney.
I love him, but I don’t want to be like him: so sedimentary and happy.
And I don’t want my father to die.
My father will never donate his blood to me,
even less,
no matter how much love exists, a lung.
Our lungs are worthless;
both have smoke, his is domestic,
same as a chimney.
I am a bonfire of tires.
I love him, but I don’t want to be like my father;
the promise of cancer brings me peace:
only with my shattered throat can I speak like a man.
I love him, but I can't be like him.
He smokes like a chimney, sedimentary and happy;
I smoke like a locomotive.
'Beast trainer'
La Peste spread featuring the illustration alongside the poem.
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