The conceptual treatment of 'Die Angst' (2017) explores multiple fears, big fears as well as smaller fears that may seem less significant. The illustration features a large scattered silhouette that is trapped in a collapsing structure. The image becomes ambiguous in the sense that it is difficult to see whether the structure is trapping the figure as it is collapsing, or whether the figure is trying to keep the structure in place, preventing it from collapsing. This underlines how we often reject systems, yet simultaneously remain aware of our dependence on them. 

The spheres at the top are trying to retain marbles that are swirling around on them. This directly makes reference to the saying 'Loosing my marbles', in other words, the figure is trying to stay sane by preventing the marbles from flying off the spheres. Amidst all of this, the figure or rather 'protagonist' is wrestling two snakes, one in each hands. The snakes refer to mundane evils which can often be more venomous than they might initially appear. Finally, the storm clouds moving in towards the figure act as a neutral force. They serve to bring balance, yet also loom heavily above the structure. All of these threats become necessities in terms of obtaining balance. 
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