This illustration was developed as an interpretation of the poem 'Marlboro' by the Mexican poet Christian Peña for La Peste magazine.

This illustration was produced for the illustration magazine La Peste-Vol.21 (
I was presented with the poem 'Marlboro' by the Mexican poet, Christian Peña and asked to interpret it in the form of an illustration. Here is the outcome. I eventually also re-worked the illustration for an exhibition and titled the second veersion 'Beast trainer'.
Marlboro by Christian Peña
“Lung cancer is lethal”, the pack of cigarettes says.
Cancer sells:
My father smokes like a chimney.
I love him, but I don’t want to be like him: so sedimentary and happy.
And I don’t want my father to die.
My father will never donate his blood to me,
even less,
no matter how much love exists, a lung.
Our lungs are worthless;
both have smoke, his is domestic,
same as a chimney.
I am a bonfire of tires.
I love him, but I don’t want to be like my father;
the promise of cancer brings me peace:
only with my shattered throat can I speak like a man.
I love him, but I can't be like him.
He smokes like a chimney, sedimentary and happy;
I smoke like a locomotive.
'Beast trainer'
La Peste spread featuring the illustration alongside the poem.
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